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Problem-solving is one of the most vital and basic skill which is required by every one of us in the 21st century. At Centadesk that what we are all about solving your day to day needs.

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Hello! This is Centadesk

We deliver maximum business value in today’s fierce digital market. We are turning ideas into beautiful things.

Who Are We?

In the current highly competitive and dynamic business environment, Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are more than ever a critical enabler for an organization’s success, since it constitutes a source of competitive advantage and an important tool in the effort to automate and streamline business operations.

A rapidly expanding ICT company in Nigeria, Centadesk provides organizations with professional ICT training, consulting services, and software development solutions. At Centadesk, we provide businesses specialized software and services with the goal of maximizing corporate value in the competitive digital market of today. We are renowned for our capacity to comprehend the various business requirements of our corporate and individual clients as well as for our aptitude to combine IT and communications technologies to effectively address these requirements. The fundamental strength of our business is the caliber and dedication of our ICT team.

Our world-class applications and services include Website/Software/Desktop App development, UI/UX Design and Development, ICT Consultancy, Digital Marketing etc. We also provide on-demand products and services for clients looking to argument their IT infrastructure and capabilities in-house.

Here are working steps to organize your business projects.


Real-Time Communication

For real-time cooperation, our programmers operate within your near shore time zone. We want to create a genuine "branch location" atmosphere. We employ frequent management and progress reports to integrate accountability and openness into our methodology.


Scalable Business Model

We collaborate with you to identify the areas that will benefit you the most. Our adaptable business model allows you the freedom to change the size of your committed team at any stage of the lifecycle in accordance with your demands.


Finalize Product

Utilize distributed ledger technology and blockchain to enable reliable data interchange and process automation outside of the box.

Why choose us?

Our Mission: Our goal is to help businesses by developing specialized technology solutions. In our opinion, the best approach to prepare for these changes is to be equipped with the necessary skills and technological know-how to march the tides. As the world rapidly becomes a global community, technological advancements are making their imprint.

Our Vision: Our vision is to become the most important organization on the continent by fostering a technologically advanced environment in Africa.

    • Create workable solutions for issues,
    • Empower companies with individualized digital goods, and
    • Integrate easily into product development processes.

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“Experience across various industries combined with deep technical knowledge. Chris has been very instrumental to the growth of tech ecosystem in the south east and Nigeria at large especially in training and incubating the younger generation joining the tech field”

Christian Chika (</codehead>)


Save your time and money by choosing our professional team.

Daniel Ifeanyi

Graphic Designer

Stanley Obiora

Software Developer/Trainer

Joseph Akpan

Software Developer/Trainer